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August 12, 2021 // View in your browser

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"Strong consumer demand will continue to drive supply side and end market electric/digital signage into 2022."

Analysts have revised the sign industry economic outlook even higher than previously thought, thanks to a stronger than expected rebound. But commodity prices and supply shortages pose a threat to the expected growth.

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Acrylic Printing – The New "It" Material for Printers?
Acrylic printing offers great opportunities to increase revenue for large format printers. Commonly used for photographic prints and signage, the pandemic has influenced a drastic shift towards creating acrylic splashback panels too.

New Shop Provides a Blueprint for Sign Industry Financial Basics
A new sign maker provides an excellent case study in sign shop financials.

Smart Tech Crucial to Rebuilding Trust in Public Transport after Pandemic
Smart technology, including digital signage, is key to helping rebuild public transportation after the pandemic. A UK study found that 40% of riders are now reluctant to use the bus system.

17 Signs That People Took Way Too Literally
Enjoy a laugh at 17 photos curated by Sign Builder Illustrated depicting those who acted out literal sign instructions – even unintentionally.

Ocean Plastic in New Graphics Fabric
A fabric blend produced from upcycled marine plastic, post-consumer waste and recycled polyester expands the industry's sustainable product range.

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Jim Pattison: Meet the Car Salesman who Built an Empire
Pattison Sign Group's Jim Pattison is profiled, sharing how he became a billionaire through several business entities.

SAi Opens New Office in Florida
With some staff moving there, the company says the new location opening is due to the fast growth occurring in the state.


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